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    Go behind the scenes with Lancaster Makers

    Lancaster is full of people who have turned their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit into thriving local businesses. Meet the seven Lancaster Makers from our 2022 summer issue of Fig, who are using their talent and skill to help us fill our bags, shelves, and lives with their speciality goods. As our city grows and expands, these makers are holding onto the homegrown and handmade values that makes Lancaster so unique.

    Photos (Left to Right): Waltz Vineyard, Lancaster Cupcake, Miesse

    Miesse Candies has been a part of Lancaster’s history since 1875, making it one of the oldest continuously run confectionary companies in the nation. Still using some original recipes and methods, Miesse is keeping traditional candy-making alive. Most recently, Miesse has opened an ice cream parlor in their shop located on Water Street in Downtown Lancaster. The old-fashioned ice cream parlor will serve sweet treats, made with Pensupreme ice cream products. 


    Visit Miesse’s Downtown Locations at 118 North Water Street #102 or at Lancaster Central Market Stand 29


    Waltz Vineyard is a family-owned vineyard located in Manheim. Settled on a sixth-generation farm, the Waltz family wants to be good stewards of the land their estate sits on by tending to the property with great care. Quality is everything to them, which is why they are committed to using fruits grown on their estate when they make their wines. With this intentionality, Waltz is building a legacy of rich craftsmanship when it comes to wine. Stop by the Waltz Estate Winery and taste a few of the award-winning wines while overlooking the rolling hills of Lancaster County. 


    Visit the Estate Winery at 1599 Old Line Road, Manheim | @waltzvineyards


    Crowded Kitchen has become an essential part of Lancaster residents’ grocery rhythms. With a stand located in Lancaster Central Market, Crowded Kitchen serves up its fresh-made soups, stocks, and broths each week to new and regular customers. Using seasonal ingredients, each batch is crafted with freshness and quality in mind. 


    Visit Crowded Kitchen at Lancaster Central Market, Stand 5 | @crowdedfoods


    Stoll and Wolfe makes their whiskey from recipes that have withstood the test of time, preserving master distillery methods passed down by Pennsylvania Distiller Dick Stoll. With a tasting room conveniently located in Lititz, patrons can taste these classic spirits in their favorite drinks, or try something new.


    Visit the Stoll and Wolfe Tasting Room at 35 North Cedar Street, Lititz | @stollandwolfewhiskey


    Front Porch Baking Co is selling grain-forward bread, pastries, and cakes from their Millersville storefront. The creative flavor combinations worked into owner Kristen’s naturally-leavened bakes will keep you coming back for more, and the cheerful hospitality of her team keeps people coming back for more. Front Porch Baking Co has made a name for itself, with regulars coming from all over the county to pick up a craft loaf. 


    Visit Front Porch Baking Co at 513 Leaman Avenue, Millersville | @frontporchbakingco


    Lancaster Cupcake knows the fun is all in the details! With unique flavors alongside fan favorites, each cupcake is decorated with precision and careful attention to detail that make them almost too pretty to eat. At their Granite Run location, Lancaster Cupcake has created an event space to host anything from family baking days to birthday parties, and their Downtown location has a convenient walk up window where you can easily grab a dozen to take home. Lancaster Cupcake is not simply a bakeshop, but it has become a gathering place where folks can enjoy the sweeter things in life. 


    Visit Lancaster Cupcake at 260 Granite Run Drive or at their Downtown Lancaster location at 24 West Orange Street | @lancastercupcake 


    Lancaster Pickle Company is serving up fresh and crispy pickles without any preservatives. As a certified Clean Label pickle maker, they even stock specialty flavor creations like horseradish & honey, taco, lemon & pepper, and garlic & onion. Lancaster Pickle Company’s storefront also houses snacks from other local makers, including the Hammond’s Pretzels, a historically Lancaster-based company, and their new line of Miley’s Handcrafted Kombucha.


    Visit Lancaster Pickle at 318 North Queen Street | @lancasterpickle



    There’s nothing better than shopping local, and these makers make that an even easier feat! Each product is crafted with care, filling your pantry with nourishing and wholesome options to enjoy throughout the week or serving up treats that will turn an average meal into a special occasion. Stock up on all of the local goodness, made by Lancaster folks, for Lancaster folks.

    Photos (Left to Right): Crowded Kitchen, Stoll & Wolfe, Lancaster Pickle Company