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    Lancaster Legacies: Lancaster Plumbing and Heating

    Scott Peppler was just 27 years old when the owner of Lancaster Plumbing and Heating was ready to retire, and Scott was ready for the opportunity to buy the business. A business graduate from Franklin and Marshall College, Scott had started his career at Raub Supply—a well-known Lancaster wholesaler that offered a sales training program that piqued Scott’s interest. It was there that he got connected with Lancaster Plumbing and Heating as one of his sales accounts.


    “[Raub Supply] taught me everything I needed to know about the plumbing and heating business,” Scott said. “And I was ready to get started in my own business with the skills I had learned.”


    Over the next several decades, Scott and his team grew Lancaster Plumbing and Heating, giving customers what he calls a five-star experience.


    “We have a special group of employees,” he said. “They really care about what they do every day, and I am proud of the people who worked for me.”


    After 42 years of true delight in his job, Scott decided it was time to bring new energy into the business and sell it to the next generation. “I was fortunate to have two daughters and a General Manager that wanted to step up and be the next owners,” he said. “They have worked for the company for many years and believed in the culture that we had. It was the perfect fit for me to be able to pass the company on to them.”


    But buying and selling a business was much simpler in the 1970s when Scott became the owner. When he decided it was time for the sale, his wealth planner and lawyer referred him to LINK Business.


    Joseph Guarino, Principal, President, and CEO of LINK Business, said selling businesses to the next generation can be the most complex sales and the most exciting. He is passionate about carrying these Lancaster legacy businesses forward through his work at LINK.

    "Joe was with me every step of the way. It would have been very difficult for me to achieve what I did if it wasn’t for him.” – Seller Scott Peppler on working with Joseph Guarino and the LINK Business team

    Left: Bob, employee for 33 years | Center: Maureen, employee for 11 years | Right: Walt, employee for 34 years

    “For Lancaster Plumbing and Heating, we helped them to determine the value of the business, set the appropriate deal structure, and bring other advisors in to make sure everything was done correctly and efficiently,” Joseph said. “Joe was with me every step of the way,” Scott added. “It would have been very difficult for me to achieve what I did if it wasn’t for his help.”


    If you want to learn more about LINK Business and the merger and acquisition division, LINK Enterprise, visit


    Pictured above from left to right: Wealth Manager for Seller: Jeff Emrich, CFBS Financial Advisor Liberty Financial Strategies; LINK: Joseph Guarino, Principal/ President & CEO LINK; Attorney for Seller: Phil Caramenico, Blakinger Thomas; Seller: Scott Peppler; Buyer: Larry Gassert; Buyer: Angela Salabsky; Buyer: Jenna Kaufman (not pictured)



    Sponsored by LINK Business, Lancaster Legacies celebrates companies in Lancaster known for their work ethic and commitment to the community. In this series, Fig is highlighting the history and future of these legacy businesses.