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    50 Years of Significance with The H&H Group

    In a world where ordering quick marketing materials is just two clicks away, The H&H Group leans in to what sets them apart—their exceptional customer experience. For three generations, they have embraced problem solving and sought out solutions to exceed their customers expectations. 


    “There are other companies who do the exact same thing that we do,” Chief Executive Officer Mike Williams said. “Our customers get real people who care about them, who care about their deadlines as much as they care about their deadlines, and work diligently to make those things right and deliver them on time.” 


    In the 50 years since its founding, The H&H Group has delivered high quality print and marketing materials, making it their goal to maximize the customer experience in every way possible. The H&H Group partners with companies who have a wide range of print needs, from businesses in search of marketing materials, to book publishers, or places who are sourcing signage. From intentional front of house interactions to high quality print production, their team is dedicated to honoring their customers’ vision from the moment an order is placed until they have their product in hand. 


    The H&H Group has a fiercely mission driven culture, holding tight to their values: relationship, integrity, and problem solving. These values have been passed down from the prolifically generous and community-minded leaders who grew The H&H Group into the organization it is today, including the late Mary Kohler, who led for many years.


    “Mary pushed us toward significance and drove the company toward it as well,” Chief Operating Officer Nate Heisey said. ”She pushed us toward trying to be an important part of our employees’ lives and customers’ lives, and we will continue to honor her legacy as we move forward.”


    As the new CEO and COO, respectively, Mike and Nate are stepping into leadership positions within one of Lancaster’s most trusted printing companies. Mike began working in the warehouse 16 years ago, and Nate was first hired 10 years ago as production manager. By embracing their day to day responsibilities and working their way up through the company, both Mike and Nate became invested in The H&H Group’s vision and the impact a printing company could have in the community.


    While they lead the organization into its next chapter, they do not go a single day without recognizing the rich legacy of leadership that came before them and the coworkers who they stand shoulder to shoulder with each day. 


    “We are a tight knit community. Everyone really does get along,” Nate said. “People actively try to help each other get work done and intentionally work as a team. We are not just individuals coming here, it’s definitely more of a team atmosphere, and we extend those things to the customer.”


    As they look to the future, The H&H Group will continue giving back to Lancaster with volunteer hours, in-kind donations, and team service projects. The company is implementing strategic efforts in automating parts of their workflow that will make the process smoother for their employees, benefiting their customers in turn. They also look forward to expanding their signage division, offering one more avenue for Lancaster businesses to build brand recognition and ultimately achieve greater success. 


    “By continuing to do good business, we have provided folks who live in Lancaster and the surrounding areas with great jobs and a healthy workplace culture where they can learn to thrive and grow,” Mike said.


    With an ongoing commitment to quality, excellence, and connection, The H&H Group looks forward to the next 50 years of making a significant impact in the community they are proud to call home.


    Learn more about H&H Group at