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    Fresh Face: Lancaster Estate Solutions

    With nearly two decades of real estate experience, Chuck and Janet Sierk were struck by the overwhelming reality of estate planning. They found themselves working with people who were selling property after the passing of a loved one, doing their best to keep their lives moving amidst the emotional and logistical chaos estate planning can bring. Lancaster Estate Solutions was created to lighten the load.


    Formalized in 2022, Lancaster Estate Solutions is a consulting company that designs holistic solutions for estate planning, bringing together a team of referral partners to ease the burden.


    “If you own a toothbrush, you have an estate,” Chuck said. “No time is too soon to create a plan. That way when the time comes, all we need to do is implement because we’ve already sorted through the needs and concerns and set up a plan to achieve their goals.”


    Chuck and Janet come alongside families to create a plan that takes the guesswork out of estate planning. From start to finish, they develop a path for their clients to follow and rally a team of local professionals to assist with legal matters, mediation efforts, and moving logistics.


    “These times are very stressful, and so it’s nice to have a plan and someone to walk through that whole process with you and implement it with you,” Janet said.


    Start planning your future with the team at Lancaster Estate Solutions. Visit