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    Fresh Face: Bloom Pediatric Therapy & Wellness

    Marla Davis’ earliest memories are of her father tending to his landscaping business. She spent her childhood immersed in nature and observed when a flower is planted in a nurturing environment, it grows to its full potential.


    In high school, Marla volunteered at a summer camp hosted by Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development and fell in love with the world of occupational therapy. After graduating from Elizabethtown College and launching her career, Marla discovered the same phenomenon she saw with her father’s flowers applied to the children she was working with. When children are given a nurturing environment and a reliable support system, they have the chance to bloom.


    Marla used this concept to develop a mobile pediatric occupational therapy service, Bloom Pediatric Therapy & Wellness.


    “After working in various traditional therapy settings, I felt there was more I could offer if I could connect with families and really serve my clients in a more personalized way,” Marla said.


    Marla’s entrepreneurial spirit and medical expertise are strengthened by her fierce passion for serving people and meeting them where they are. Marla works with each family to ensure they are supported and given the tools their child needs for success. She uses Bloom Pediatric to celebrate neurodiversity and empower the children she has the privilege of working with.


    “Children have such amazing minds,” Marla said.


    “Children have such amazing minds,” Marla said. “Getting to know their interests and learning about the child creates a safe and trusting relationship. That’s where you see the most growth, that’s when you see those wonderful moments of success.”


    Discover how occupational therapy can support your child at