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    Fresh Face: Passerine

    After nearly a decade of investing in Lancaster’s food and beverage scene, Passerine owner Kyle Sollenberger has launched a new venture on the corner of Orange Street and Gallery Row. Kyle and Passerine co-owner Dr. Jonathan Shirey envisioned a place where patrons could experience exceptional cuisine in a casual environment. With a desire to create exceptional experiences, Kyle is establishing Passerine as an all-day cafe, restaurant, and bottle shop that celebrates the hard work of regional producers and the fresh produce that abounds from Lancaster and surrounding lands.


    “Passerine is a place where people can come in and grab bottles to go, or just come in and hang out,” Kyle said. “We generally make smaller plates that are meant to be enjoyed or shared. You’re going to sit here with a group and fill the table with plates and glasses and have a lot of fun.”


    “You’re going to sit here with a group and fill the table with plates and glasses and have a lot of fun.”


    Passerine is powered by a team of people who are passionate about their craft and will use their fine-tuned skills to establish the cafe as a mainstay in Lancaster City’s food scene. Executive Chef Joshua Manny crafts exquisite French and new American dishes with vibrant flavor infusions while General Manager Steve Wood develops Passerine’s wine & beverage menus.


    Passerine’s ethos is: “Just like the mighty songbird, we are united through our ability to act as storytellers in the space.” From management to the back of house, they are invested in creating an outstanding experience for patrons, drawing them into a narrative that extends far beyond the food.


    The table is set for you! Visit to explore the menu.