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    Made in Lancaster: DutchWare is the creator of the world’s most modular hammock

    With their ever-growing line of outdoor gear, DutchWare is a one-stop shop for hiking gear. Among its most popular items, the Lancaster-based brand is proud to offer the world’s most modular hammock—the Chameleon.


    In the years since its founding, DutchWare has gained a loyal and international following that includes anyone from first-time hikers to experienced backpackers. When the idea for the Chameleon was announced publicly seven years ago, over 730 backpackers joined forces to raise more than $190,000 in funding to produce the modular hammock. Since its launch, the Chameleon has become DutchWare’s flagship product, giving people an outstanding level of comfort and customization regardless of their outdoor experience.


    Despite its global audience, DutchWare is committed to supporting local vendors and partnering with Pennsylvania-based companies to craft the products they ship to adventurers worldwide. Manufactured in Lancaster, the Chameleon is one of the most customizable items available in DutchWare’s family of products. Like its namesake, the Chameleon blends to its environment by adapting to any outdoor situation. It’s a hammock built specifically to endure all four seasons of the year. For the summer months, hikers can attach a bug net to ward off mosquitoes. In the autumn months, a ventilated top cover can be attached to let air flow in and out for optimal comfort. The Chameleon can also be customized with top quilts and under quilts to accommodate winter weather, from 50-degree evenings to -40-degree conditions. And the team at DutchWare is just getting started dreaming up new accessories to enhance the usability of the product and give their loyal fans even more to love.


    In addition to its flexibility and customization, DutchWare uses a patented two-way separating zipper design that allows hikers to attach their favorite accessories to the hammock with ease, making this product accessible to people of any experience level.


    “This product has set us apart,” Josh Weber, Graphic Designer at DutchWare, said. “People don’t have to buy multiple hammocks; they can just buy the Chameleon and buy the accessories that fit their needs or budget.”


    From the wide variety of accessories available to the aesthetics of the hammocks themselves, DutchWare prides itself on the flexibility of its products. With this value in mind, DutchWare makes it possible for customers to print their own images and logos directly on their hammocks or choose from over 100 designs created by the company.


    “DutchWare is continually supporting the Chameleon brand by offering new fabrics, print options, and accessories; all of which are compatible with past, current, and future models of the Chameleon,” Josh said.


    With its lightweight and durable structure, the Chameleon is an essential piece of gear to add to your camping collection, whether you’ve been hiking for years or are about to embark on your first adventure.


    Find the hammock that’s right for you at