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    Armstrong World Industries: Experience, Above All™

    A leader in design and innovation, Armstrong World Industries is powered by a team of creative experts. Together, they offer ceiling and wall solutions to make spaces better so people can thrive.



    Marie DePaul

    7 years at Armstrong World Industries

    Industrial Designer for New Product Development


    “We use creativity to solve problems—considering the needs of installers and building maintenance professionals as well as the needs of the end user of a space while ensuring a product design is beautiful in the end. My work ensures our products are not only beautiful in a space, but also provide the best acoustics, are sustainable, and have the highest safety standards.”

    Cindy O’Neill

    13 years at Armstrong World Industries

    Marketing Communications Manager


    “Creativity is a mindset that sparks ideas, encourages thought-provoking questions, evokes emotion, and can uniquely solve problems through design and process. The work I do is multi-faceted: both inspirational and informational, using striking imagery and visual composition coupled with informative messaging supports our brand and initiatives for commercial spaces.”

    Bill Frantz

    34 years at Armstrong World Industries

    Senior Principal Scientist and Mechanical Engineer


    “Creativity is about understanding problems and matching them up with solutions that make a difference for clients and the company. It’s about analogy. It’s about playfulness. It’s about a trusting exchange of thoughts between people and seeing possibilities from different perspectives. With this in mind, I pay attention to client problems, trends, evolving technologies, and company strategy so I can provide strategic options for the business 3 to 10 years out in the future.”

    Ella Hazard

    2 years at Armstrong World Industries

    Managing Director of Arktura Ventures


    “I believe that creativity is choosing the right problems to solve, staying curious a little bit longer, and asking the right questions to see something in a new way. In my role, I work to see around corners and into the future of the materials, products, technologies, and processes that will define the spaces we occupy. I wake up excited every day to explore the future of the built environment!”