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    Business Information Group: Where Technology Never Stops

    Keeping your business safe and running takes a team of trusted professionals. Business Information Group (BIG) knows finding the right IT solutions to do this can sometimes be difficult. That’s why they partner with your business to provide a seamless IT transformation through cybersecurity and networking solutions. In fact, their 100+ person team strives to be so reliable and in tune with your needs that they become an extension of your business as your most trusted technology advisor.


    “By being an extension of our clients’ business, it gives us the ability to have a direct impact to their overall success in a very meaningful way. I have personally experienced this with a number of our clients, seeing them grow and succeed exponentially while being part of their team.”


    – Scott Dolmetsch, CEO


    For the past 30 years, they have served Central Pennsylvania through managed IT from their York headquarters, and they are excited to open a branch in Lancaster City and partner with locally-rooted companies. They are committed to teaching the communities they work in the importance of cybersecurity at every level of business.


    “At BIG, we’re not just looking to sell service or technology products; we genuinely seek mutual partnership with local businesses to deliver secure, reliable, and understandable solutions that create operational productivity and transformation for the people they serve.”


    – Sarah Byerly, Business Operations Manager


    One way they are investing in education is through BIG University. BIG University is designed to provide forward-thinking businesses and IT professionals with a collaborative space to educate themselves and each other on current and future technologies. This in-person event, held in Lancaster for the first time in September 2023, brings expert level discussions on cutting edge security approaches, industry insights, and top IT priorities for businesses. It also includes educational breakout sessions, an exclusive panel discussion with top business leaders, and networking opportunities to explore collaborative opportunities.


    Save the Date for BIG University 2024: September 12



    “We’re on a mission to humanize technology, safeguard local businesses, and empower our community through IT education. We bridge the digital gap, ensuring businesses thrive securely. It’s not just about password resets and anti-virus; it’s about transforming businesses and fostering a knowledgeable community.”


    – Maura McGowan, Marketing Manager


    From left to right: Jen Dangro, Scott Dolmetsch, Sarah Byerly, Patrick Rumbaugh, and Maura McGowan

    “As an extension of our clients’ business, BIG takes pride in helping them access technology in a way that supports their operations and creates a productive and secure environment for their employees. The foundation of trust that is created with our clients allows us to truly feel like we are using our talents to help companies thrive.”


    – Jen Dangro, Executive Vice President of Operations