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    Fresh Face: The Snack Stand

    While eye-catching packaging in a curated window display now catches the attention of passersby at 50 North Queen Street, the face behind the newly-opened Snack Stand is a familiar one to the Lancaster small business community.


    Marcie Natale, who opened long-standing Lancaster businesses The PotteryWorks, The BeadWorks, and The Gem Den in 2003, 2004, and 2008 respectively, has always wanted to bring international snacks inspired by her travels to cities around the world back here to Lancaster. A chemist by trade, she initially made the career jump to entrepreneurship to bring community-based activities to Lancaster, and her fourth business is no different.


    Although a new concept from her artistic ventures close by, The Snack Stand is designed to be just as experiential.


    “I have always loved the snacks you find abroad—the logos, the colors, the flavors—and I’ve always thought, ‘Why don’t we have some of this here?’” she said. “This space opened up, and it just seemed like the right time.”


    With a collection of goodies primarily from Europe and Asia, Marcie’s goal is to keep the shelves filled with an ever-changing selection of savory and sweet snacks from as many countries as possible so snackers can stop in and always find something new to try.


    Officially opening in November 2023, Marcie and manager Julie Bowers have already seen a burst of excitement in the community—from curious kids delighted by the shelves of bright colors to tourists wanting to try something new while visiting the city to international residents finding food that feels like home.


    Take a trip around the world and fill a basket with adventurous treats at The Snack Stand.