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    A&E Audiology and Hearing Aid Center believes everyone should have access to hearing restoration

    Founder and Clinic Director of A&E Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, Dr. Kamal A. Elliot, Au.D. has a passion for impacting others that began during her childhood growing up in India, where her and her family would prepare meals each weekend for those in need in their community.


    Her career in audiology is rooted in a desire to provide human connection by treating hearing loss and helping patients connect and communicate better through hearing rehabilitation solutions.


    After relocating to Lancaster with her family, she recognized a need for private practice audiology that would serve both adults and children, and since starting her practice here in 2001, it is her passion for uplifting the lives of those affected by hearing loss and tinnitus that has continued to inspire her work.


    “I love seeing the expression of joy on a patient’s face when we activate their hearing aids for the first time and open up a whole new world of sound,” shared Dr. Elliot. “At A&E Audiology, we call it a ‘hearing smile’ and there’s nothing like it.”

    From left to right: Dr. Kamal A. Elliot, Au.D.; Eric Elliot, Managing Director; and Dr. Bethany Weaver, Au.D.


    Over the past 20+ years in Lancaster, A&E Audiology has grown to four locations with seven doctors who share Dr. Elliot’s vision to provide people access to hearing clarity and come alongside them on their hearing restoration journey.


    Their team knows the sense of isolation that hearing loss or ringing in your ears (tinnitus) can bring, which is why their priority is their relationship with their patients.


    According to the National Institutes of Health, less than 30% of people who need hearing aids have ever used them. A&E Audiology’s individualized approach to fitting hearing aids, following up with education and customized programming for their devices, and meeting patients where they are emotionally as well as physically with their hearing loss are key ways they serve the community with their practice.


    One of their providers, Dr. Bethany Weaver, Au.D. knows this firsthand as a hearing device patient of A&E Audiology before joining the practice in 2019.


    “My hearing aids allow me to live my life without limitations, and I want the same thing for all my patients. I started my journey with hearing aids at 12 years old, but even if you’re 112 it’s not too late to have a better quality of life.” – Dr. Bethany Weaver, Au.D.

    A&E Audiology team members Brooke Vest (left) and Yvonne Richards (right) with a Guatemalan hearing aid patient (center) in February 2024

    Their team is also focused on increasing access to hearing aids. In February 2024, they organized a team of 12 volunteers, including four of their doctors, on a trip to Guatemala where they fit over 100 residents of a village with no audiology providers with hearing aids. Over the past handful of years, Dr. Elliot has organized and participated in more than 20 such trips. Locally in Lancaster, they are also committed to breaking down barriers to hearing solutions. In December 2023, they hosted a day of giving where 10 local residents affected by poverty and hearing loss received hearing aid fittings. Apart from their day of giving, their nonprofit project includes a financial assistance program for patients.


    “Nobody will be turned away. One hundred percent of can get care here,” shared Eric Elliot, Managing Director. “We’re passionate about making sure no one with a financial barrier continues having hearing problems.”

    Introducing Lyric

    Did you know A&E Audiology is the only Lancaster Country provider of the world’s only 100% invisible, 24/7 wearable hearing aid?


    Lyric is a one-of-a-kind hearing aid that is placed in the ear canal by a doctor. Lyric works with the natural anatomy of your ear to provide a clear hearing experience all while remaining invisible.


    You can find out if you are a candidate for Lyric by scheduling your consultation at any of the A&E Audiology offices.