This Is Our Season: Ellicott & Co.

From the antique items displayed all throughout the store, to the decorations on the walls, the store screams “intrigue."

Lancaster has an array of amazing women’s boutiques, but what about ’boutiques’ for men? In steps Ellicott & Co. owners Ryan Martin and Ryan Smoker. The two were college roommates who grew up in Lancaster. Both had a strong love of travel, but Lancaster has always been their home. “It’s still got a bit of that ‘cheers’ environment where everyone knows your name, that small-town feel is part of the draw,” says Martin. Living in the city they both knew there wasn’t anywhere a partner could shop for their husband and find gifts they would love. Thus the store was born. A store that would showcase local makers while also bringing quality goods for the modern man into Lancaster.

An array of eclectic goods all aimed towards the modern man.

Ellicott’s selection is strongly curated toward the colder seasons. When he was a child, Martin’s parents owned a flower shop that was always filled with hustle and bustle around the holiday season. “I think I missed that and wanted to recreate some of that feeling again,” he says. “Fall is the season when we can supply things that will help people get to their adventures.” and they aren’t wrong. The national park service considers fall one of the busiest seasons for a large majority of parks.

From a quality pair of boots to grooming supplies, they have all you need to travel anywhere.

Martin and Smoker are travel buffs and enjoy exploration whether near or far. They love to cater to those with a similar heart. They presented us with two packs of items the “The Urban Explorer& “The Outdoor Adventurer.” Both packs contain a backpack with a plethora of supplies to keep you comfortable on your travels. You don’t even have to go far to put them to good use! “It’s part of the culture here. You can be downtown and exploring the city streets. Then moments later you hit the road, drive four miles and you’ll find yourself surrounded by wildlife with no one around.” One of their favorite places to explore locally is Kelly’s Run Trail. It has vast overlooks and roaring waterfalls that make it the perfect place to take a day trip with the family.

Featured left: Outdoor Adventurer. Featured Right: The Urban Explorer. 

And should it happen to be a rainy day, Ryan Martin has a plan B already created for you! “Parks, a game by Keymaster Games. Players will take on the role of two hikers as they trek across different trails during four seasons of the year.

 The shop has a strong Americana feel that brings it back to its roots.

“The ability to have a new experience both near and far from your couch plus the ability to explore comfortably is where we come from and where our products live. In a word: “curiosity.” This is what the two owners hope customers will feel from the moment they walk into the store. From the antique items displayed all throughout the store to the decorations on the walls, the store screams “intrigue.” “We want this place to feel like exploration.” So if adventure is calling your name, be sure to stop by the store and see what kind of journey can take you on.

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