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    Fresh Face: Chestnut Street Investment Counsel

    Independent investment firms—like Chestnut Street Investment Counsel, which she owns and operates—manage each client’s portfolio with no brokerage conflicts of interest.

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    Fresh Face: Alicia Alexander State Farm

    Alicia Alexander State Farm is a woman-owned small business providing quality insurance services to the community.

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    Think Big Picture: Lancaster Filmmakers

    Lancaster is the future of film. With larger-than-life sound stages, innovative production companies, and a diverse cast of filmmakers, the local film industry is booming.

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    Young Lungs at Play: Creating safer spaces through Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

    Across the state of Pennsylvania, communities are creating tobacco-free spaces for children to play as part of the statewide program, Young Lungs at Play (YLAP). In Lancaster County, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health is at the forefront of supporting this program along with offering nicotine-free services for the community.

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    Fresh Face: DAIS

    The newly formed organization DAIS (Diversity and Inclusion Strategies) exists to build inclusive frameworks for businesses who know that sustainable growth in business and people requires investing in diverse and inclusive environments.

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    Fresh Face: Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine

    Where all are welcome, and the future is born: Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine is making the highest-quality medical care even more accessible to the community.

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    Health of the City: Meet the New CEO of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, John J. Herman

    John J. Herman, the Chief Executive Officer of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, strives to be a servant leader—someone who sees leadership as an opportunity to give rather than gain. Herman gives his time to serving the community and supporting his team. "At the end of the day, that's what I feel my job is. To put the organization in the position where we can achieve our ultimate goal, which is to serve the patients and the community."

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    Fresh Face: Trout CPA

    After nearly 50 years, Trout CPA has made a dynamic return to Lancaster City. The certified public accounting firm, its roots firmly entrenched in Central Pennsylvania, has opened a downtown office located at 160 East King Street.

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    Fresh Face: Longevity Lancaster

    Ever since high school, Longevity Lancaster founder Jillian Wojdyla knew she wanted to help people. “Whether I was working for the ACLU or the Innocence Project, I wanted to be a voice for the voiceless,” she says, explaining that she went on to pursue a career in law to fulfill this dream. But after seven years in the field, she began wondering if this passion might be of better use elsewhere.

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    Fresh Face: Furdunkin

    Furdunkin founders/spouses Kristy Bledsoe and Jennifer Hufnagle are on a mission: they want to make pet care more compassionate, ethical, and personal—they want to revolutionize veterinary medicine.

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    Fresh Face: Corinne Lillis Myers

    While many local news viewers know Corinne Lillis Myers from her five years as a traffic anchor for WGAL-TV, shortly after having her son in the unforgettable year of 2020, Corinne decided to pivot toward a more flexible career path in real estate. Her motto is "family first," and she is grateful for her new role's freedom as she balances the responsibilities of work and life as a new mom.

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    Fresh Face: Pangea Mediation LLC

    If you visit the Pangea Mediation website, the first sentence you will see in big, bold lettering is “conflict is normal.” It is refreshing to get another perspective on disagreement in a world full of loud talking heads and Twitter rants. Mila Pilz, the principal mediator, wants you to know that conflict is neutral.

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