Calling All Foodies: Fall Lancaster City Restaurant Week Is Here

Lancaster City Restaurant Week is September 10-16. You ready?

It’s here! Lancaster City Restaurant Week is September 10-16. Experience all the great flavors of Lancaster City while trying an assortment of unique and exclusive specials at your favorite, or soon-to-be-favorite, restaurants, cafes, and eateries.

LEFT: Cabalar Meat Co. RIGHT: Splits & Giggles. 

What Is Restaurant Week?

Lancaster City Restaurant Week is a diverse showcase of everything delicious in the Lancaster food scene—from breakfast to dinner, and everything in between. Each restaurant has a feature dish, multiple-course meals, and/or special cuisine exclusive to the week.

“There is a lot of variety in our Lancaster City restaurants,” said Chris Trendler, Founder of Lancaster City Restaurant Week. “This special restaurant week shows the positive and collaborative food scene we have in the city.”

Lancaster City Restaurant Week was started by Chris almost 6 years ago. What began as a small community of restaurants, like Penn Square Grille, Isaac’s, and Annie Bailey’s, soon grew very quickly to include many more. This past Spring, Lancaster City Restaurant Week had more than 50 participating restaurants in the lineup.

“The collaboration and communication between restaurants in Lancaster City has really become part of the culture here,” added Chris.

Deals for the week are available for $10, $20, $30, and $40—so there are many options for various lifestyles and budgets. The Lancaster food scene is booming, and this official restaurant week gives opportunities to showcase many of the local cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and pubs.

“The current Lancaster food scene is expanding and evolving at such an amazing pace with a great selection of food types and options,” said Dave Brown, Owner of Splits & Giggles. “I really love being a part of that food scene, being able to offer another option, and being challenged to evolve and keep pace with our colleagues.”

“No matter how many times we participate in Lancaster City Restaurant Week we always get new people coming in,” said Rachael Reinmiller, Owner of Commonwealth On Queen. “It’s also fun for our regulars to ‘mix it up’ and try new menu items to experience the special deals.”

Rachel's Creperie & Cafe. 

The Restaurants

There are many restaurants participating in this great event, with more being added to mix so keep checking the website (find the most updated list here).

“We’ll have the White Pizza Crepe and the Cuban Crepe back on the Restaurant Week menu along with our Black Bird Crepe, Western Omelet Crepe, and Greek Omelet Crepe,” said Rachel Adams, Owner of Rachel’s Creperie & Cafe. “You will be able to choose two crepes and two cups of soup—or side salads—for $20. In addition to that, we’ll be offering our usual charm, grace, and service with a smile!”

“We will be offering a $10 and $20 option that will showcase our different sweet and savory options,” added Dave of Splits & Giggles. “One sandwich, a side of soup, and single scoop of ice cream for $10, and two sandwiches, two sides of soup, and two single scoops of ice cream for $20.”

“We will have a $10 Breakfast Option—breakfast item and signature latte—and a $10 Lunch Option—lunch item and cup of soup,” added Rachel of Commonwealth on Queen. “We feel this is the best way for our guests to try as many tastes from our menu as possible!”

“As a restaurant we are excited to hopefully get some new people in to try us out,” said Todd Sharp, General Manager at Federal Taphouse Lancaster.  “This is our chance to showcase our food and beverage offerings at a great value and ‘wow’ guests into coming back. We will have a lunch and dinner special. At lunch we will offer any of our signature pizzas, personal size, for just $10 and dinner will be 3 courses— your choice of one featured beer, one selected appetizer, and one sandwich.”

For a full list of participating restaurants explore the directory here.

LEFT: Bistro Barberet. RIGHT: Commonwealth On Queen. 

Cafe One Eight. 

Federal Taphouse. 

Make Your Plans

This is a restaurant showcase you don’t want to miss.

“Lancaster has an amazing food scene that keeps growing and evolving,” added Todd Sharp, of Federal Taphouse Lancaster. “Lancaster’s diversity has created a wide variety of food options that you would normally only find in bigger cities. It’s great to be in a place that lets us push the boundaries and get creative with what we offer.”

Don’t forget to follow Lancaster City Restaurant Week on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Make sure to post your food photos on social media as you explore and hashtag #LCRW2018!

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