Christina Maser Co., A Local Success Story

A local favorite, Christina Maser Co. started out with only her hobbies and passion.

Before you even walk through the door, the enticing aroma of herbs, spices, and fruits consumes your senses as you enter into Christina Maser Co.’s workspace. Follow these luscious scents of candles, jams, and sauces and you’ll find the kitchen & workshop where all the magic happens.

At the helm of all the activity is Gretchen (Christina) Maser, lining up bowls of vibrantly colored peaches and mashed habanero peppers to create her popular peach habanero pepper jam.

In the process of making peach habanero pepper jam! 

Gretchen has always been an artistic soul, from sewing to wreath-making she tried it all. But, one particular hobby, stood above them all – jam making.

It all began when Gretchen’s son discovered a new favorite food while staying with a family friend. Her son struggled with autism, food allergies, and sensory issues with food textures when he was young which made it difficult for Gretchen to find something tasty and nutritious for him to eat regularly. Miraculously, Gretchen’s friend found the secret for getting him to eat—jam. This revelation inspired Gretchen to test out her own jam recipes, not knowing it would lead to her own full-fledged company.

Part of Christina Maser Co.’s incredible success comes from the determination to stay true to her company’s mission statement, “Eat clean.” To this day, she is still a huge part of the day-to-day operations and production. Gretchen is committed to only creating products she herself loves and would use daily.

The creative passion and dedication shine in every product they craft, and the love and care Christina Maser Co.’s team put into their products are undeniable. In our own local community and throughout the nation, it’s easy to recognize the amount of love and care Christina Maser Co. puts in every jam, bar, and candle.

A lot of work goes into the making of these fabulous candles! 

Made with 100% pure vegetable wax and designed to burn longer than most off-the-shelf brands, Christina Maser Co. candles are truly worth trying. The glass containers are also designed to be reusable for everything from storage jars to drinking glasses. The scents provide a delightful experience fit for anything from entertaining guests to enjoying a quiet night in. What’s even more surprising, though, is opening up a new jar or tin and finding fresh herbs and spices that oftentimes come straight from the company’s organic gardens.

Gretchen personally recommends trying out Ginseng Pear, a scent that always brings a great review! If you’re searching for one of her candles, check out places like Festoon, Lemon Street Market, or Whole Foods!

Each and every one of Christina Maser Co.’s products are made right here in Lancaster City, but they ship products out to California, New Jersey, Maryland and beyond. Lancaster holds a special place in Gretchen’s heart because of the community, the closeness, and the fact that there are so many local farmers and vendors to choose from when it comes to using ingredients for Christina Maser Co.’s products.

Some fresh, fragrant, and locally sourced ingredients. 

Most of the ingredients that go into Christina Maser Co.’s products like candles, salsa, jams, and other products, are locally sourced, with many of them coming from local farmers and families. With whatever creation they’re whipping up—be it sauces, jams, or soaps—all the ingredients are free of GMO’s. This is done for one simple reason; if you make something, why not make it so everyone can enjoy it?

So, why not #lovelocal and give Christina Maser Co. a try! We are sure they won’t disappoint. Many of Christina Maser Co.’s products can be found throughout the city like Lemon Street Market, The Bread Pedaler, and Festoon or on their website:

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