Curated Craftsmanship: Our Ellicott & Co. Guide to Father’s Day Gifting

From handcrafted bags, ties, and shirts, to classy cocktail kits and guides for wanderlust, Ellicott is your Father's Day gifting destination.

“There is something unique and significant in the relationship between Father and his child. Father’s Day is a special moment to honor this bond, and at Ellicott, we strive to provide one-of-a-kind, meaningful gifts that are as personal as the relationship you have with your own dad.”

This Father’s Day you’re invited to explore the eclectic collection of items at Ellicott & Co. perfect for any man on your gift list.

Ryan Martin and Ryan Smoker co-created Ellicott to offer the Lancaster community handcrafted, quality goods that uplift local makers in Lancaster, regionally, and around the USA. With so many makers working hard to hone their craft and create sustainable, purposeful items, Ryan Martin and Ryan Smoker saw an opportunity to help share these storied traditions and artisan-made gifts.

“At Ellicott we are striving to pay close attention to each detail and we are working to make sure each interaction and item in our shop has a refined level of intentionality to it,” said Martin. “My father has often told me ‘that anything worth doing, is worth doing right.'”

This intentional, meaningful approach to craftsmanship is apparent in the incredible mix of gifts for men available at Ellicott—including accessories, home goods, barware, clothing, luggage, travel guides, hats, wall art, and more. Ellicott’s mission is to inspire the community to truly to consider where they shop, making purchasing decisions based on quality, functionality, beauty, and sustainable, local sourcing. It’s all about intentional living, and Ryan fondly recalls his dad’s shared excitement towards leading a purposeful life with adventure.

“I remember as a kid listening to my dad’s adventures and being captivated by the vivid detail he would share about the few childhood possessions he cherished,” said Martin. “These seemingly everyday items were rich with meaning and seemed to be somehow part of him. Here at Ellicott, we believe that things we carry should be worthy of a good story. We want these items to have lasting personal value, because of the adventures you will take with them.”

We at Fig Lancaster put together an epic Ellicott Father’s Day gifting guide just in time to celebrate the inspiring fathers in our lives. Check out the categories below that include gifts for the Bearded Hero, Culinary Genius, Cocktail Master, Old Soul, Rad Dad, Travel Nut, and Lancaster Dad. Make a list and stop by the shop on 45 N. Market Street Lancaster and explore the website. The Ellicott team will be happy to help!

For The Bearded Hero

Who’s the bearded hero in your life? Ellicott & Co. has a curated collection of gifts perfect for crafting and managing an epic beard.

  • Compliment Beard Oil –  $18 –  This is a blend of natural carrier and essential oils that softens facial hair while also moisturizing the skin for a smooth feel. Made by Ember & Valor in Cape Girardeau, MO.
  • Beard Balm – $18 – Made with natural ingredients, this beard balm moisturizes facial hair to encourage healthy, smooth, and thick beard growth. Made by Ember & Valor in Cape Girardeau, MO.
  • Beard Comb – $25 – This Bocote wood beard comb with oak base is sturdy, authentic, and a great size for pockets! Made by Ember and Valor in Cape Girardeau, MO.

For The Culinary Genius

From grilling at a summer BBQ to mastering a dish made for camping under the stars, here are a few items for the culinary genius.

  • Handcrafted Spice Blends – $9 – Don’t miss the Montreal Spice Blend featuring hand-harvested sea salt, the Sweet Curry Powder Spice Blend that includes 14 fresh spices showcasing the unique depth of global curry flavor, and the Chipotle & Honey Spice Blend that incorporates a unique balance of smoky heat and sizzling sweet. Made by Calicutts Spice Co. in Hershey, PA.
  • Cast Iron Skillet No. 10 – $160 – This 10″ skillet is our go-to selection due to the sturdy design made to last, and solid design featuring two pour spots, holes for hanging, and a smooth polished finish. Made by Smithey Ironware Co. in Charleston, SC.

For The Cocktail Master

Cheers to dad with these flavorful drink gifts specifically created for the cocktail master.

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned Mixer – $16 – This mixer is aged in Willett bourbon barrels, which allows the flavors to effectively blend and combine. Ingredients like gentian root, cinchona bark, burnt sugar, spices, and orange peel makes for an eclectic, powerful flavor. Mix with aged spirits and pour over ice. Made by Bittermilk in Charleston, SC.
  • Jack Ruby Tonic, Sweet Tea – $16 – There is truly nothing like an authentic sweet tea. This sweet tea syrup has been handcrafted by the Jack Rudy family, so you know it’s infused with genuine Southern influences. Mix with vodka or bourbon, while adding tap water or sparkling water, to craft a cocktail ready for the summer patio. Made by Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. in Charleston, SC.
  • Whiskey Stones – $16 – Love this gift set! Cool down your drink without diluting the flavor with these sustainably-sourced and upcycled whiskey stones. Chill in freezer before placing in drink. Once done, rinse and repeat! Made by Teroforma in Connecticut, USA.
  • Whiskey and How to Enjoy It Gift Set – $35 – This set is exactly the kind of gift we love! A perfect collection of of items all packaged in a designed box. The gift set includes two eight-ounce whiskey tumblers, two premium handcrafted leather coasters, and an instructional book on how to enjoy whiskey to its fullest. Made by Boarding Pass in New York City.

For The Old Soul

Classic: a word that defines generations. Discover an assortment of curated gifts perfect for the inspiring old soul you admire.

  • Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor – $100 – This fully adjustable razor ensures every man experiences the closeness, smoothness, and comfort of an effective shave. It’s designed to last a lifetime, making it a gift that will continue to give for years to come. Six adjustable settings make this stainless steel beauty a grooming masterpiece. Made by Rockwell Razors, USA.
  • Ties & Bowties – $56 – The classic dad gift: ties. If you want to go this route, Ellicott offers a wide assortment of stylish handcrafted wool neckties and bowties in an assortment of colors, patterns, and styles. For the dapper dad, these ties are unmatched. Made by Pocket Square Clothing in LA California.
  • Watches – $395, $495 – It’s time to add style to your schedule. The variety of refined watches at Ellicott blend distinctive aesthetics and classic designs. Each timepiece is sturdy and stylish. Made by Throne Watches in New York City.
  • Pipes – $160 – There’s just something about smoking a pipe that brings past memories and future ideas together. Ellicott offers a variety of handcrafted pipe designs in an assortment of styles. The meticulous crafting that goes into making each pipe is inspiring. Each pipe is handcrafted by local craftsman Jesse O’hara of Companion Pipes. These editions are exclusively sold through Ellicott & Co.!

For The Rad Dad

With sweet sunglasses and trip bags ready for the next weekend getaway, shop for the rad dad.

  • Keystone Cap – $52 – This Ellicott & Co. custom-designed Keystone hat features a gray felt emblem on a wool broadcloth. It’s a classic, simple design and showcases PA pride—and also supports USA-made family companies. Ebbets Field Flannels has been making vintage gifts for over 25 years, specializing in using original materials and classic manufacturing techniques. Made by Ebbets Field in Seattle, WA.
  • Shoes – $68, $78, $98 – Browse a select assortment of shoes in a variety of styles ranging from slip-on to laced. Some pairs come in suede, ramping up the style for dad.
  • Topo Packs – $89, $139 – These trip packs, available in a variety of colors, were designed with wanderlust in mind. It’s the perfect size for tucking under a seat on the plane, a day trip to a local town, exploring trails, or just needing to carry a few necessities. It’s handmade and sustainable—we’re ready to pack a book and hit the park. Made by Topo’s Trip Packs in Colorado, USA.
  • Sunglasses – $149, $198 – Explore a variety of sunglasses in a mix of designs and colors. The summer sun will meet it’s match with these stylish shades crafted to last. Made by Shwood Eyewear in Portland, OR.

For The Travel Nut

Luggage? Check. Field guide? Yep. Passport? Got it. These are the gifts for the travel nuts who love to explore, discover, and experience.

  • Voyager Waxed Weekender – $249 – The Voyager isn’t just a duffel bag, it’s a premium piece of travel luggage that’s stylish, versatile, and designed specifically with the best quality materials. Each bag consists of a Wicckett & Craig leather form, brass hardware, removable shoulder strap, and a roomy interior perfect for a variety of trips and needs. Made by Boarding Pass in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Welsh Mountain Bag – $545 – This bag is equally sturdy and stunning. We love the sturdy American-made leather form, solid brass hardware, and copper rivets—this just screams getaway adventure. Sign us up! Made by Welsh Mountain Co., USA.
  • Field Guides – $18 – These field guides are perfect for travel. Browse a selection of pocket guides like the Desert Southwest Guide, the New Orleans Field Guide, the Austin Field Guide, and more, featuring the rich history, culture, and community of each showcased city or area. For the man on the move, these guides are a great way of getting acquainted with new adventures around the USA. Made by Wildsam, USA.
  • Passport Covers – $70 – These passport covers are made exclusively for Ellicott & Co. by Black Bear Leather, using leather tanned right here in PA. Each cover is handmade with natural materials, giving each a unique exclusivity and style all it’s own. Colors vary. Made by Black Bear Leather, Lancaster PA.

For The Lancaster Dad

Lancaster City is thriving. There is so much to love about the community we call home. Choose a meaningful gift representing home with this selection of items perfect to showcase Lancaster pride.

  • Lancaster Red Rose Pennant – $20 – The new Lancaster Red Rose Pennant at Ellicott & Co. is here to showcase Lancaster pride. Designed by Ellicott & Co. designers, and handmade in the USA, this pennant works as wall decor for the home, office, and workshop. It makes a great gift for the dad proud to call Lancaster his home! Made by Oxford Pennant, USA.
  • Lancaster Vintage Shirts – $42 – These clean tees show Lancaster pride in simple, impactful style. Each tee is 100% cotton spun in the USA and produced just for the Lancaster community. The shirts come in a variety of colors. Made by Knickerbocker MFG, USA.
  • Ellicott & Co. Lancaster Map  – $25 – This is one of our favorite gifts at Ellicott! We can’t get enough of this minimalist map of Lancaster City. Each map is created by letter pressing the design and printing on soft, but sturdy, cotton paper. Simple, clean, and beautifully-designed, make this map part of your gifting experience this year.

So whether you’re shopping for the Bearded Hero, Culinary Genius, and Cocktail Master, or the Old Soul, Rad Dad, Travel Nut, and Lancaster Dad, Ellicott & Co. is the destination that has it all. At a time when many of us are trying to cut down on just ‘things,’ Ellicott offers a fresh alternative with meaningful, purposeful, timeless gifts that truly make an impact.

“We have seen the pendulum swing from mass produced, commodity goods back to small-batch, artisanal products,” added Martin. “Lancaster, has always been a home to craftsman and artisans, so we created Ellicott as a way to give Lancaster a voice and presence in a national marketplace that is only now appreciating what we locally have valued for generations.”

Ellicott is your one-stop-shop for Father’s Day, but don’t forget you have the opportunity to explore gifts for the men in your life all year long at this great local gifting destination.

“We believe that the best things to pass down aren’t just things, but values—like hard work, patience, generosity and intentional living,” said Martin. “Ellicott is a way for us to tangibly express these priorities in action with meaningful tokens of appreciation.”

Stop by the shop at 45 N. Market Street Lancaster, PA and check out the website to learn more. Follow Ellicott on Instagram and Facebook to keep up-to-date with new arrivals, sales, and exciting events happening in the community.

For a meaningful gift this Father’s Day, explore Ellicott. Share more than a gift—share an experience.

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