Fresh Face: The Green Room Organic Salon

Meet Fall 2018 Fresh Face: The Green Room Organic Salon.

Fresh Face

Kristen Lobb believes that just one person making one conscious choice can make a big difference. Through the Green Room Organic Salon, Kristen and her Salon Manager, Courtney Whipple, feel good about bringing the opportunity for organic, ethical, intentional beauty to their new neighborhood.

The Green Room offers a personalized, boutique salon experience that will have clients walking out feeling as good on the inside as they look on the outside. The salon’s distinction begins with the main product lines used: trusted organic brands from companies that produce socially conscious and environmentally responsible products. Kristen says new clients are in for a feel-good experience through and through, “from the way your hair feels and smells, to the way ethical and organic beauty products make you feel good about the impact you’re having, to the welcome and friendship that is found in the salon”!

The Green Room is proud to feature the full line of products from Oway. Oway (Organic Way) is the world’s first professional hair color, care, and styling line with organic, ammoni-free, cruelty-free, Peta Certified, ethically produced, fair trade ingredients. They grow active botanicals and produce pure essential oils at their own biodynamic farms in Bologna, Italy. From farm to salon chair they ensure that your multi-sensorial, non-toxic salon experience is chemical-free and eco-friendly. All of Oway’s packaging is recycled, recyclable, or eco-certified.

With twelve years of experience and another successful salon—Aurora, based in Mt. Joy—Kristen is passionate about the beauty needs of her clientele as well as preserving the beauty of the planet. Courtney, a Certified Deva Curl stylist with seven years of experience, has played a large role in getting the salon open and manages the day-to-day operations. With a versatile skillset, the team at The Green Room shares a genuine care for their clients, passion for the beauty industry, and an intentionality in eco-friendly and ethical beauty, a beauty that is truly sustainable and enduring.

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