Great Futures Start at the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster

Since 1939, for just one dollar per year, children in the Lancaster County community have found life-changing programs at the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster.

When you walk through the doors of the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster, you are greeted with a smile. It’s busy. Kids are checking in. Basketballs are bouncing in the gym. Chatter and laughter is erupting amongst friends. And you can’t miss the smell of dinner—a homecooked meal served each night at the Club.

You can tell immediately—this is more than an afterschool program.

Since 1939, for just one dollar per year, children in the Lancaster County community have found life-changing programs at the Club. With three sites in Lancaster City and one in Columbia, Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster serves nearly 2,000 young people each year. Chief Development Officer Erin Elliott explains that dollar gives them access to all Clubhouse programs—from homework help and basketball to snacks and a nutritious meal, every kid who walks through the door belong here.

“Most of the children we serve face a spectrum of adversities—from abject poverty, housing instability, and food insecurity to working parents who are simply unable to afford afterschool care,” Elliott explains. “But when they come to the Club, they are all just kids. They can leave their worries at the door, and every child has the opportunity to choose their own adventure each day.”

Since the start of this school year, the Club has nearly doubled the number of kids who come each day.

“The Club is fueled by the energy of the kids, the talents of the staff and volunteers, and you—the community!” Elliott shared. “Our Clubhouses are primarily funded through donations from individuals—people who believe that all kids deserve a bright future filled with possibility, opportunity, and success.”

Serving more kids will require more resources, but the Club makes it easy for everyone to make a difference. Volunteers can share their time and talents in the Clubs and donors can purchase from Clubhouse wishlists or make donations online.

The Ramseys are honored to be a part of the Great Futures Family as monthly donors

Erin Sell is the Resource Development Coordinator, who manages the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster’s monthly donor program. She stresses the importance of individuals who invest in the Club. By giving a monthly donation, you ensure kids in the community have what they need to learn, play, and grow in a safe, positive place.

“This program ensures that giving a meaningful gift is attainable for everyone,” Sell said. “Because every gift makes a difference.”

Zach and Annie Ramsey are natives of Lancaster County, and when their family of four was looking for a meaningful way to make a difference, they joined the monthly donor Club.

“The Clubs mission really speaks to us, and we love knowing that each monthly gift ensures kids have a safe place and hot meal every day after school,” they shared.

The Ramsey family has changed the lives of countless kids, and the Boys & Girls Club team wants you to know that you can too!

Joining as a monthly donor is easy—become part of the Family at

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