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Earth Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the need to protect the earth’s natural resources for generations to come. 

Earth Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the need to protect the earth’s natural resources for generations to come. Kelly Morris, LCSWMA’s Recycling Manager is sharing a few ways that Lancaster residents can lean into making a positive impact on our environment:

Recycle Right.

Making sure only the Big 4 items are placed in your curbside recycling bin can have a significant impact. Though most of us are well-intentioned, when we put materials in the bin that do not belong, we’re actually contaminating the recycling stream. This negatively impacts our environment and economy. We need your help to Recycle Right! Place these items in the recycling bin and discard the rest:

  • Corrugated Cardboard 
  • Plastic Bottles and Jugs with a Neck 
  • Metal Food and Beverage Cans
  • Glass Bottles and Jars

Some items are recyclable, but should not go in your curbside recycling bin.  Items like newspapers, cereal boxes and plastic bags may be delivered to local drop-off locations.  For a list of locations that accept a variety of other recyclable materials, visit

Bring household hazardous waste to our Harrisburg Pike facility for free.

Numerous materials used in your home, garage, and garden are considered household hazardous waste (HHW). Lancaster County residents can use the drive-thru HHW facility on Harrisburg Pike to drop off waste like adhesives, pesticides, household cleaners, pool chemicals, paints, stains, and fuel. 

Never put rechargeable batteries in the trash or recycling bin.

Rechargeable batteries containing metals like lithium and nickel can spark and cause explosions when damaged. With fires in garbage trucks and processing facilities on the rise, we need your help! Protect our employees, haulers, property, and community by bringing rechargeable batteries found in power tools, toys, cellphones, and remote controls to our HHW facility.  Alkaline or single-use batteries should also be collected and delivered to LCSWMA, free of charge. Let’s work together to keep batteries out of the waste stream!  

Tarp your open loads—it’s the law. 

When transporting waste to any of our facilities, make sure you have a well-secured tarp on your open load. This not only protects the health and safety of our community, but it also protects the environment by preventing litter. 

By investing a little time and effort into these simple tips here in Lancaster County, we can do our part to support a healthy and happy future. Join LCSWMA in celebrating Earth Day on April 22 and learn how you can champion sustainability every day at

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