Produce you can’t pass by: choose Lancaster Farm Fresh

Have you tried Lancaster Farm Fresh yet?

Feature blog by guest writer Meg Titter, Marketing Coordinator at Lancaster Farm Fresh

The air is smelling sweet and feels warm on your skin, so you roll down the windows as you drive over a back road in bucolic Lancaster county. Giant swaths of green spread out on either side of you, some electric in their high-voltage lime green and others sway lazily with deep forest blues and wide fan shaped leaves. The beauty of the scene ensconces every one of your senses as you smell the produce growing all around. But you don’t just want to smell it—you want to eat it, too!

And now you can. Because you, and your very clever adulting maneuvers, have secured a source of fresh, locally-grown, organic produce via Lancaster Farm Fresh. This magical box arrives at the same location for you every week, for 26 weeks straight, and is filled with more than just vegetables. Just a few miles from your home, you pull in to the driveway of a lovely little house and walk up the steps to the table with a stack of white boxes marked with the Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op logo. One of those boxes holds a promise just for you.

That promise? Certified Organic, chemical free, quality produce, effective land management, and well-maintained, rich soil. With an LFFC CSA share you never have to worry about GMOs, harsh chemicals, or unethical animal treatment.

Standing on the porch, you open your box and pull out your fresh vegetables and transfer them to your own shopping bag—the co-op will reuse the box at least three times, reducing the carbon foot print of the farmers even further. Sidling down the table a bit further you pick up the loaf of bread from the box marked “Bread Share” and finally snag the lovely floral bouquet set aside for you (because you decided life was better with flowers and signed up for the flower share too!).

If this little story sounds like one you would like to be the star of, then don’t delay. Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op is open for Summer CSA sign-up right now. CSA—Community Supported Agriculture—is an easy way for you to help local farmers grow the kind of produce they can be proud to serve their families—and yours too. We know that it is a new habit to learn, but by the time you hit week 6 you will be a total CSA professional.

Call our CSA team at 717.656.3533 x 2 and speak with Kristyn, Alyssa, Ella, or Julie to get your summer CSA share set-up.

Are you a late-night shopper? Go to and click on CSA & Store, then select the shares that are right for you.

Do you have questions? Shoot us an email at and we will get back to you with the answers you are looking for.

Find your certified organic, chemical-free, quality produce summer dream at Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op. We can’t wait to speak with you!

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