Thinking of remodeling? Let EGStoltzfus’s award winning team help.

Some people address the disorderly home with short-term “painkillers,” like new furniture. But others attack the root of the problem with serious “surgery” — a full remodel. That’s when they call EG Stoltzfus.

Feel and flow, Bill and Adam of EGStoltzfus repeated. It’s all about feel and flow.

For many of us, our home is our most sacred, intimate space. As the pandemic has raged on, countless among us have looked to our home for safety and shelter, navigating our spaces with both appreciation and impatience. We may not have the vocabulary of the professionals, but we all know it’s important that our dwelling feels like home and flows with our lifestyles.

“Many people are sitting in spaces that just feel disorderly,” Bill said. Some people address the disorder with short-term “painkillers,” like new furniture. But others attack the root of the problem with serious “surgery” — a full remodel. That’s when they call EGStoltzfus.

For the team of remodelers, the most important parts of a relationship with their clients are the collaboration and the intimacy that allow everyone to work towards the same goal. In a word, trust. But building that trust means overcoming the fears and worries that homeowners have about the process. So the Design-Build Specialists approach a new client and job much like a new relationship.

Bill and Adam, two members of EGStoltzfus’ team, say that their secret to success is to spend a lot of time getting to know their clients’ habits, tastes, and tics. They ask “first date” questions about their Pinterest boards and all the steps of their morning routine to learn the feel and flow they’re going for.

Take the work EGStoltzfus did for the Hasircoglu family. Betsy, the woman of the house, loves to cook and entertain in her kitchen for her young adult children. But her kitchen made hosting clumsy and bottlenecked foot traffic in and out of the space. Before the designers even put pen to paper, they first sat in the kitchen with Betsy to observe how her space clashed with how her family uses it. They noted how her older house, built in the late 1800s, just doesn’t suit the flow of the household.

Once the team had a good diagnosis of the problems their redesign needed to solve, Betsy and the team at EGStoltzfus collaborated on a CGI rendering of her kitchen-to-be. They decided together to take risks with the materials while opening up the space to accommodate gatherings. Throughout the process, the name of the game was listening. “We have two ears and one mouth for a reason,” Bill said. Change is hard, but communication begets confidence and a healthy, thriving relationship and a beautiful new space that feels and flows like home.

For more information or to get your remodeling started with EGStoltzfus visit their website at or give them a call at 717- 393-0212. 

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