Treat yourself at Nikki’s Custard

Fueled by a craving for her favorite dessert, Nicole Dannehl is bringing authentic frozen custard to Lancaster one scoop at a time.

Fresh Face

Nicole Dannehl and her family moved to Lancaster after living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a place known to be the nation’s frozen custard capital. After moving, they craved the nostalgic flavors of their family’s favorite frozen treat. In 2023, after Nicole finished scoop school to perfect her technique, the Dannehls opened Nikki’s Custard on Oregon Pike. The business has truly become a family affair with Nicole’s daughter Avery working as store manager, daughter Gabrielle assisting with marketing, daughter-in-law Katherine managing social media, and husband William working as CFO. 

With a heart for bringing her love of custard to her community, Nicole is excited to put a modern and creative spin on a “mom & pop” frozen custard shop. Her lineup of creamy rotating custard flavors and whimsical toppings make a trip to Nikki’s Custard a true treat—and her commitment to inclusivity means people who are vegan, dairy intolerant, or gluten free can also enjoy by trying her specialty sorbet and dairy-free soft serve. 

“I think that’s hard for people in this market, usually it’s dairy dominant, and because our family is 50 percent dairy lovers and 50 percent vegan, we really wanted to make sure that we connected with people in those categories,” Nicole said. “There is something in our shop for everybody.” 

Avery Dannehl, Store Manager (left) & Nicole Dannehl, Owner (right)

With everything they do, the team at Nikki’s Custard wants to bring people together, whether hosting a fundraiser for a local school or creating a beautiful outdoor space where customers can enjoy their custard all summer long. In the same spirit, Nikki’s Custard sources ingredients from local businesses to stock toppings and scratch-made sauces, working with brands like Front Porch Baking Company, Braddy Boys Pretzels, and Christina Maser Company. Most recently, Nikki’s Custard is partnering with KelSas Sweet Box to create custard ice cream sandwiches, crafted from freshly baked cookies and Nikki’s signature custard. 

“I’m all about a good quality product and staying true to where your roots are,” Nicole said. 

Follow @nikkiscustard on social to discover Nikki’s Custard’s rotating flavors of the week. 

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