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    Solvit Academy Announces New Middle School

    What makes the Solvit Academy middle school different? It will focus on providing learners with real-world work experiences before they even step foot into a high school or college setting. Voyagers are already exposed to entrepreneurship skills through Solvit Academy’s annual Children’s Business Fair, but when the academy opens the doors of the middle school, new opportunities will abound for Solvit students.

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    Solvit Academy instills sense of adventure through Quests

    How do you deliver hands-on, real-world skills, in a way that motivates learners and satisfies the academic requirements still demanded (at least for now) for college admission? The answer: Quests.

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    Lancaster Looks Up | Summer 2022

    Partnering with local studio, MAROTTA/MAIN Architects, the School District of Lancaster recently renovated two middle schools—Reynolds, left page, and Lincoln, right page—using Armstrong World Industries (AWI) ceiling solutions to improve the performance and aesthetics of the space to support well-being, learning, and teaching. After several years of planning and construction starting in 2018, both schools are now complete and outfitted with about 70,000 sq. ft. of Armstrong ceiling tiles in each facility. By working with AWI, MAROTTA/MAIN was able to specify ceilings with inspirational design features and the acoustical, high light reflectance and sustainable properties to create healthier, more supportive environments for teaching, learning, and student interaction.

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    A Place for Learning: The Spring 2022 Education Section

    Thank you to our editorial sponsor, the High companies. Committed to community leadership, sustainable building and business practices, and advancement through the preservation of local heritage.

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    Curiosity is Sparking at Solvit Academy

    Picking the right education for your child is an important building block for their future, and Solvit Academy is offering full-day Kindergarten to start them on their journey. Located in the heart of Lancaster City, the Solvit Academy studios are newly renovated and taking an innovative approach to education. One of their core pillars is: We believe in making memories, not memorization.

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    Exploring Lancaster’s Outdoor Gems

    When it comes to the unique features of Lancaster County, our community’s waste management system probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. And yet, how we manage our trash in Lancaster County garners national attention and accolades, both in how we manage the material AND the positive impact of these efforts on the local community.

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    Sounds of the City: Penn Square Music

    Bringing music to Lancaster!

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    Solvit Academy encourages students to be Voyagers on their own Hero’s Journey

    When you think about your schooling experience, what emotions are sparked within you? Maybe you feel a mixture of emotions depending on the particular memory that resurfaces or the scenarios you experienced from year to year. Your learning environment shaped you, molded you, and had a huge impact in your life as you grew...and may still even have remnants of influence in who you are today.  

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    The Women’s Specialty Center at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

    Envision a place specifically designed for women’s health-care needs. A nurturing space where women come first and compassionate experts are right there to offer care for everything from anxiety and osteoporosis to menopause and heart disease. This was Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health’s vision in creating the Women’s Specialty Center, a unique health-care experience just for women. Located in the medical office building at Women & Babies Hospital, the Center features eight specialties—all in one convenient, welcoming suite.   

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    Eliance Health Solutions: Providing Cost-effective, Local Health Plans to Lancaster Businesses

    Many Lancaster businesses are interested in supporting the local community and other local businesses. Even when it comes to health plans, there is a local choice based here in Lancaster. Eliance Health Solutions, a health plan backed by Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health that includes LG Health services and other local independent providers in its primary network, provides services that extend beyond traditional health insurance coverage. Eliance works to educate its health plan members on health risks and care options while reducing costs for everyone involved--employers and their employees.

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    Fresh Face: Lancaster Reading Solutions LLC

    The new microSchool launched by Lancaster Reading Solutions is taking a revolutionary approach to education and schooling. With
    an authentically individualized plan for each student, the microSchool is able to empower learners who may have felt like they didn’t “fit” in their former educational surroundings.

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    Elevating Music Education in Lancaster County

    Many of us probably learned to play an instrument at some point in our lives. For most people, it starts at the elementary school level when we are introduced to the school band, orchestra, or choir. Unfortunately, as time goes on, a majority of students either fail to keep up with their music education because of other commitments or simply because they lose interest.

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